JAL introduces tool to help passengers avoid screaming babies on flights - Seriously

Many of us have been near a screaming kid on a flight. What did we did at such times? Sleep, watch a movie, or look out of the window… Now, Japan Airlines has introduced a tool to help passengers avoid babies on their flights. Seats booked for babies are marked with a baby icon on the seat selection map on JAL’s website, so that passengers can avoid nearby seats.

Honestly, I have a feeling this won’t change anything. There are other types of people you’d want to avoid on planes - naughty kids above 2, drunk people, idiots, racists and so on… But at least it’s an attempt at helping passengers. What’s your opinion on this?


A. I have been on a flight with a screening kid on it and I got a severe migraine and didn’t have my headache pills

B. I like that Japan Airlines is doing this


This is a really simple, and smart move!


Screaming kids on planes can be a little annoying, but we were all that age too once 🤷🏻‍♂️

I guess this could be useful, but more people will probably choose seats farther away from the babies and the only seats left will be ones that are “undesirable” because of the children.


But what happens when it’s a full flight?

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This is a great idea! Kudos to whoever who came up with this. I bet we will see other airlines start to do this soon as well.

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That’s why you book your tickets early 😉


Don’t forget the yogis.


I was once on a flight where a kid maybe about 3 yrs old screamed for the entire flight.

It was a 6 hour flight

I think it’s at least a little bit of a step forward. At least they’re thinking of people. Good job, JAL!

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Honestly, this is a good change. Well done JAL!

Had an annoying 6 year old behind me on LOT, hopefully they make something similar to that for this too

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@IFliPlanes , one acronym.



Good initiative but I’m not sure how this will work in practice.

I could book a seat today and a mother with a baby may book a seat next to me tomorrow.

Well this is interesting…and rather clever!

Pathetic, you cant stop them crying. Why try?

I think it’s a great idea, although it might not work very well it’s nice to see that airlines understand the pain of screaming babies

once I had a Lufthansa flight that got cancelled, had to go on air china and it was too late to choose the seats and I had one kid just playing with the window shutter the whole flight, not looking out the window

Good move, but it is more psychological than anything else. There is no guarantee one will still not end up next to a kid :D

It will be especially interesting if JAL starts offering a discount for taking up seats near already-booked baby seats. Wondering if there would be any takers for that.

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