JAL and ANA hangar tour @ RJTT (Tokyo Haneda)

First of all this was a tour and I was technically spotting from inside the hangar watching planes takeoff ,so if this does not belong in #real-world-aviation:spotting then I apologize

Ok So I’m just gonna show some pics of my JAL Hangar tour back in late June

I did the ANA hangar tour last year ,I like Ana better but back then I never was active on the IFC so I didn’t post anything from ANA.

I’m just gonna ask if anyone wants to see the ANA pics from last year

  • Yes I want to see the ANA pics from last year
  • No I’m not interested

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Great pics! Keep up the good work!

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Awesome. Your reallly lucky

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Cool! I wish I was in one of those :)

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It’s amaizng experience ,u don’t get those closeups that often
Also u can see the planes takeoff and on that day there were strong crosswinds and It was neat to see the planes just pushed to the left by the crosswinds

Ok ,I’ll edit this and add the pics from last year

I love the ANA pics as well, especially the model plane :)


Great pics! Unfortunately, there is a rule to having 10 photos maximum in a spotting topic. You can find more guidelines and rules here:

Keep up the great work!

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I went to the JAL one, and its a really great experience. Although you only actually get to look at the planes for around 20 minutes, it’s still pretty fun.

Nice pics!

Ah I always forget about the pic restrictions
I’ll try to bang it into my head 👍

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