jakey2_0's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ PHNL

I will list all airports I am open at below.
Pattern Work is accepted
Leave commends and feedback below and thanks for stopping by!


Departures on 26R and 26L
Pattern Work accepted.
Leave feedback below and see you there!

Pattern Work accepted.
Leave feedback below and see you there!

Why does nobody show up when I do this :(

Make sure to edit your thread to CLOSED when you’re not controlling.

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Back open!
Pattern Work
Departing Runway 27
Leave feedback below!
Now closed! Thanks to those who stopped by!

Few things. I was N-TEXAS in a TBM.

  • When I requested transition, you told me cleared at 4000ft. The airport’s elevation was like 17ft.

“You want to assign a transition altitude that will keep them at least 500 feet above any airplanes in the pattern. For jets, that’s 1,500 AAL, so you want to assign an altitude that’s higher than that by 500 feet.” -tomthetank.

Therefore, 2500ft would be most appropriate for airports around sea level.

  • After the transition, I called inbound…you cleared me right away. You have to enter me into your pattern before clearing me. For example, you should have said “Enter left downwind, runway 27, then give me the option.

Good luck!

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I am now open at KVAD! Stop by for some patterns or anything really!
Nevermind, nobody showed up.

OPEN AT PHNL! Celebrate Southwest’s arrival while having fun with patterns!
Departures 8L, 4L or 4R for patterns, 8R for inbounds.

Stop by for patterns and tell me how I do!

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I’ll stop by for a few. Callsign - TGV-001

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Still open?

I sure am!

UPDATE! Still open! Stop by for more!

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Ok, sorry I left. I’ll be back now.

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Practice what I sent you in DM earlier. Sequence then clear. New arrivals and runway changes always need pattern instructions! Doing great.


Thanks! I had a few arrivals come by earlier!

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I am now closed! See you later!

OPEN AT KPHX! Stop by for some patterns!
Departures 8 and any of the 7s.
Patterns: Anywhere

Stop by for patterns and tell me how I do!

I have reopened at KSNA or John Wayne airport in Orange County, CA.
Join me at this versatile airport for commercial flights or patterns!

Well today I took my first written and failed at a 72%. Stop by to help me sharpen my skills for my next test! Open at KDAB. Basically any services you want.

Coming! Are you stiill open?