jakey2_0’s ATC Tracking Thread [CLOSED]

Open at EDDM! Come by for patterns.

Now closed!

I have opened up at PHNL! Come by for patterns and stuff please!

Now closed! Thanks to @KC3DLL for coming by!

Perfect as usual jake lol

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Come by KPSP for patterns!

Coming! N561jv

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Hey I’m cmng

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Good job.

-You sent plane geek to a right 360 into the mountains.

  • great resequencing when he changed runways
  • sorry for the sudden exit, had to run.

Good job
U told me to enter base literally moments b4 I was going to hit the mountain head on
All in all good job

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Are you still open? If you are, I’m gonna stop by

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I am closing after this last aircraft lands. Sorry!

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Your fine! I hope I could fly patterns tomorrow maybe

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Sure! I should be open tomorrow.

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I am very offended!
I am Plane GEEK
not Plane Crazy


Avoiding Terrain while flying VFR would be your job. I turned base because I wanted to get you in before I had to resequence everyone on right traffic.

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Hey @anon82246052. Almost perfect sesion…but you made 2 mistakes with me.

  • Requesting change from 31L to 31R. I was on left downwind, you told me "enter left base 31R.

  • After that, you forget my clearance and new pattern instruccion.

Other than that, really solid control, as usual.

Hope to see you tomorrow.

You did great!

Just a couple of things I noticed

1.) you kept telling me to make a right 360, but as @lurker said, you made me face plant into a mountain. If you wanted us to be more separated, you can use the “extend downwind” command.

2.) When that ASVA guy requested a change to 31L, youu were supposed to give a pattern entry ( left dw) but instead gave a clearance.

Thats all I could find. Great job correcting all your sequencing mistakes!
Overall good job.

Plane Geek101

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I believe I did give a pattern entry but then when I resequenced everybody after I caught that mistake I cleared him.

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Ah right, I remember.