Jakey2_0’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ KMAF

Open at KMAF! Stop by and do some patterns!
Leave feedback below :)


Hi @ShaneAviation :)

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Feedback: F-RIES


  • I would’ve preferred a bit higher than 5000ft to satisfy IFR Separation rules between aircraft in a pattern. So, 5,500ft and above is better than 5000ft for Transition.

Pattern Entry

  • Either Left or Right Downwind works so good job.

Sequencing & Clearance

  • Nicely done!

Thanks for having me! You did great handling during my one and only pattern😂🍟


No feedback from me apart from a runway exit received at 35 knots (should typically be around 75 knots gs, but I think I saw you do that a few times throughout the session). Really nice job, I’m looking forward to tomorrow!


Thanks to everyone who stopped by and gave feedback! I’ve now closed for the night.

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Sorry Jake, wasn’t able to land. No issues, though, from me. Transition, pattern entry, and clearance were all good!


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