jakey2_0’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @KBOI


Hey, I had to make a new ATC thread as I can no longer edit the old one!
I am currently open at PHNL for anyone who wants to come by for some patterns or something else!


Hello. You did well, just why question. Why would you sequence me to follow traffic on left crosswind when I’m on left downwind close to turning base?


First, you were not flying patterns even close to correctly. As soon as you rotated you turned crosswind, you had not even reached upwind yet. You need to fly runway heading until you reach the threshold then begin your crosswind to downwind turn. I wanted you to follow @KC3DLL. Had you flown the pattern correctly that wouldn’t be an issue.


Now closed, thank you to those who came by!


@Plane-Train-TV I made a diagram of what you should be doing and not doing when flying patterns for you. Hopefully it helps.

The line in the red is what you did. This is incorrect because as soon as you rotated you began your crosswind into downwind turn. Generally you want to wait until you cross the threshold to begin your crosswind turn and begin to turn downwind when you have created a large enough distance to safely turn base and final. In this case, you turned onto an EXTREMELY short final. You generally want a nice 5-6 mile final so you have time to get setup and stuff. Lastly, I sequenced you number 2 to follow traffic on left downwind which you completely ignored. This is unacceptable and would result in a ghost on the expert server along with flying the patterns incorrectly. Thank you and I hope to see you at another one of my sessions later!


Now Closed


Failure to follow sequencing doesn’t always result in a ghost, in this case since there were only 2 aircraft, re-sequence lifeguard and make him number 1. As much as you don’t like it, it happens and we work our way around it. However if you would have to re-sequence more than lets say 3 aircraft, and the conditions he put you in was bad, yes a ghost would do.


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I am now closed! Thank you to those who came by!


I am open at KBOI for patterns! Stop by!