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was it this part?

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come on down!

Confirmed with a superior – you did the right thing. :)

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thank you! :)

also, i’m closing temporarily i’ll try to be back within 30 minutes

Opening up again @ KSEA.

Closed now, thanks for coming!

Well done, only one problem i saw

When opening at an airport, write down a few things before you start.

  1. Airport Altitude
  2. Pattern Altitudes (GA & Jet)
  3. Transition Altitude

So for KSEA here are your numbers for the notes taken above.

  1. KSEA Altitude - 431ft
  2. Pattern Altitudes (GA & Jet) GA: 1500ft (1,000ft above airport altitude and rounded to the nearest 500 - Jet: 2000ft (500 ft spacing between GA aircraft rounded to the nearest 500.)
  3. Transition Altitude - 4500ft (1000ft above pattern altitude.)

Transition Altitude was your only problem. Other than that everything else was perfect. Wish there were more aircraft in the pattern at the time but good work!

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Thank you for your feedback! Next time I will definitely take these notes into consideration before I start controlling.

Yes, I really want to practice my sequencing but I never have enough planes in the pattern to do so, hopefully next time I can get some more traffic. I think i’m pretty good at sequencing but a little practice could help haha.

Thank you again for coming and your feedback, really appreciate it. :)

No problem, also when an aircraft is on landing roll and you have an aircraft on final, keep an eye out on the airplane on landing roll to make sure he is off the runway before the aircraft on final touches down. If the aircraft on landing roll doesn’t exit the runway in time send the aircraft on final a go around procedure.

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Definitely, thank you!

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Hopefully some more people come to get more in the pattern!

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