jakevaz423’s ATC Tracking Thread - Now IFATC! :)

Hello everyone! I’m training for IFATC and this is my tracking thread! I will announce all of my new openings here. If you can, please stop by, fly some patterns, and give me some feedback. Thanks!

Jake :)

Currently OPEN @ KEWR Tower and Ground TS1. Hope to see some familiar faces there! :)

EDIT: Closed. Something came up on my end. Thanks for stopping by @2003iggy! Enjoy your flight to EGLL! :)

I’ll stop by. How long will you be there?

Enjoy your session!!

@jakevaz423 thanks, my lack of knowledge of American airports really came into play there with my erratic taxiing haha. No complaints about your controlling on my end!
See you soon!

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Now OPEN @ KEWR. If you can come a fly some patterns it would be greatly appreciated - this will most likely be my last training session before my IFATC practical tomorrow evening. :)

EDIT: now closed.

Now OPEN @ KEWR. Please stop by if you can!


Jake :)

EDIT: Now Closed because no one came.

I just want to reach out and thank anyone who has flown for me while I was training. I’m now IFATC! A mod can now close this.


Jake :)


Congrats man!!! :)