jakevaz423 - ATC Tracking Thread [CLOSED]

Hello all! My name is Jake, and welcome to my ATC tracking thread! I am not working towards IFATC or anything, I just enjoy doing ATC from time to time. Hope to see you soon!


Thanks for visiting!


Have fun controlling! I need to get more practice controlling myself.

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I’m coming over in a 737

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Good one!
On my way as PH-ADZ

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Alright, pretty good service overall, but I have some feedback.

-There was no sequencing whatsoever, all aircraft in the pattern need to be sequenced.
-There was no attempt made to deconflict the situation between me and PH-ADZ

-You we’re using clearances in lieu of sequences.
After I had been cleared, PH-ADZ should have been told Number 2, traffic to follow is on right downwind.

Hope this helps :)

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Thank you! I’m kinda new to this ATC thing… I will be using your suggestions in the future. ;)


I agree with other feedback on lack of sequencing.
Before you practice, make sure you check out the tutorials, on IF and on YouTube.

Good one for you now:

Take care!

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I am now officially open at KEWR - Ground and Tower! Come join me, I’ll be open for 15 minutes. Hope to see some people there! :)

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Well, I’m now closed. Thanks for coming @Dylan_Bright!

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Thx for the ATC, @jakevaz423! It’s a real shame KEWR isn’t a more popular airport in IF!

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I’m now open at KEWR! Come and fly some patterns! :)

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Now closed. :)

Thanks to everyone who came!

Now open at KEWR Tower and Ground for about an hour and a half! Operating Runways: 4L and 4R. GA aircraft on 29. Come and fly some patterns! :)

I’ve been open for 30 minutes, barely anybody has shown up. Come and join me! I’ll be open for another 45 minutes!

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May swing by in a few minutes!

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Thanks Koby! Hope to see you there! :)

Active runways changed to 22L and 22R - GA at 11.

Coming for a few trips around the pattern. American 1 2 7

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Ended my flight… you stopped responding?

I was responding… Hmm… connection issues probably.