Jake_Ferrer's ATC Tracking Thread- [Closed] @ N/A

I am looking to get some good training in as I am going to start the process of IFATC. Please only serious pilots as I need some work. Would love feedback from anyone who comes in and out! Thanks in advance!

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Hi I was the TBM. It was so much fun with these extreme conditions I couldn’t see a single thing, literally(visibility 0.2 or something). Just a few things I’ve noticed:

I requested for touch&go and you cleared me to land - the correct way would’ve been to clear me for the option

At my final landing I said “ D-KAJK on final Rwy 8L, full stop” I did that to let you know I’m landing and not doing a touch&go. You shouldn’t have sent the “already cleared to land, avoid unnecessary reports” , otherwise it was all good I think

Hello, I was N437CC.

Some things I noticed:

  • when I requested frequency change, you approved it, when you should have sent a “duplicate freq. change”

  • I requested takeoff for 33L when I was holding short of 33R. That was my mistake, but still your responsibility to catch that. You cleared me for takeoff anyway.

  • you gave me right traffic. Left traffic would have been better for less conflict with the other runways

  • denied my first rwy change request, not sure why…

  • didn’t repost to G-REAT’s runway request, even after the second time.

  • closed without warning. This is minor, but the courteous thing to do is announce that you will be closing in 5 or that you are now closed.

Some things to work on, but just keep reviewing the ATC manual and you will improve. Feel free to tag me at your next session 🙂

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Hello @Jake_Ferrer, it seems you were disconnected (:

I was G-REAT. It was a short pattern. Overall it was not bad for a first-timer.
I’ll link the ATC User Guide here as your reference :)
Here are my observations:

  • Transition approved at 5,000ft
    This transition was too high. According to the ATC User Guide section 3.4.4, transition is given at 2,500ft + AAL (airport altitude), in this case 2500+99=2599ft, so it is rounded up to 3,000ft. You do not need to roundup if airport altitude is below 50ft though.

  • Inbound for landing
    Pattern entry “Enter Right Downwind (RDW) Runway 08R” was great, however there is no need to “Enter Right Base Runway 08R”. When pilots call inbound, it will be pattern entry followed by sequence (if any) and finally clearance for the option/landing. During the pattern they are to maintain their own separation and make the turns on their own :)

  • Runway change
    Now I am not sure what happened here. I believe you may be away for a few minutes. When you are away for 2 minutes, the session will disconnect itself. Or otherwise, you may be confused as to how to respond to runway change.
    Simply put, runway change is the same as calling inbound. Pattern entry then followed by sequence (if any) and clearance.

Small Tip
According to Section 3.4.1, visibility must be a minimum of 3SM (approx 5,000 meters). The visibility of KIAH earlier was 1/2 SM, which deemed pattern work unsuitable. As one of the basic to join IFATC is to master pattern work commands, you may wish to do some research on airport weather before opening next time :)

That’s all from me. Keep doing G-REAT and hope to see you soon :)

I will join now.

My call sign is speedbird 93

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Sorry guys, I was having internet connection issues. I believe I got it figured out now. I have opened back up KIAH. Thanks for your critiques, I will continue working on it! @Anthony_Morgan @IF787 @Kai_Jessat


cant join right now im flying right now :/
next time

No worries, I appreciate you taking the time to help me train

Don’t forget to update your topic title when you close.

I knew I forgot something. My bad. I am open in KMIA now

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