Jakarta to Sydney Garuda Indonesia A333

So yesterday the 7th of February I decided to go from Jakarta to Sydney.
I’m currently trying to rank up in Garuda Indonesia Virtual, so I decided there’s no better way but to do a long haul!

So I spawned it at Jakarta and it was quiet enough, around 4 or 5 other aircraft.

It was just 12am in Jakarta so i was expecting a nice morning approach into Sydney (all going well).

After filling my flight plan and pushing back, I was ready to taxi to runway Runway 25R.
While taxiing I met another Garuda Indonesia A333 heading to Singapore.

Like I said, Jakarta was quiet so there was no waiting around, with so light winds, it was a smooth takeoff (upload://x0dOGc8zNAdqO09Dcm4K76CWvXF.jpeg)

And that was it, I was climbing to 35,000ft and on my long journey to Sydney.

As I was crossing the Indian Ocean, I noticed the light crosswind in Jakarta had started to pick up a little bit, it was time to turn back on the seat belt sign 😂😂

By the time I got to Alice Springs in Australia, it was 6:30am and the sun was just starting to rise. Am I the only one who thinks IF graphics are just stunning and sunrise?

By the time I started my decent, sun was up and if I remember correctly it was around 10:30am.
After going under 10,000ft I’d realized that visibility wasn’t the best. Although I was quite excited as I find it’s rare that you get low visibility in IF.

ATC cleared me to land on runway 16L. There was traffic in front of me, but only one Boeing 737-800.
Now, visibility wasn’t terrible, but the crosswind was quite strong, forcing the 737-800 in front of me to announce a go around.
I’ll be honest, it wasn’t my best landing, but it was by no means my worst, anyway, by the time I touched down, I was really tired as it was 1am my time, so I rushed a bit to the gate.
But all and all, it was a good flight, as this a first for me landing at Sydney, it was a nice experience.

Fair play to you if you made it this far 😂😂 thanks for reading!!


Hey there! Nice photos, I hope you enjoyed your flight!

Just one small thing, is can you just take a few (5) photos off so you dont exceed the 10 photo limit? Thanks!

Thank you.
I’m sorry about that, I’ve taken a few out so now there’s only ten 👍👍

Amazing job!!!

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Thank you!!

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