Jakarta to haneda jal 787

Nothing special about this flight but it was a nice flight. We departed Jakarta in the afternoon and when we approached the Philippines we had a nice sunset. The flight time was around 7 hours long, the cruise speed was mach 0.86 and the cruise altitude was 39000 feet.

Information about this flight;

 • Server: expert server 
 • Aircraft: Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner 
 • Livery: Japan Airlines 
 • Route: WIII-RJTT
 • Callsign: Japan Air 787 heavy 
 • Altitude: fl390
 • Speed: mach 0.86 
 • Flight time: 6 hours and 50 minutes 

Japan Air in Indonesia.



My personal favourite, flying above a foggy landscape.

Cruising above the ocean.

Descending into Tokyo.


Parked next to a generic 767.

Tomorrow I’ll post a screenshots and videos topic about a flight from Dubai to Dallas in the Emirates triple seven!



Absolutely astounding photos!
The 787, in my opinion, makes for great shots!