Jagged Lines


2 days ago, my plane started to show up like this. The edges are all jaggedly and not a somewhat straight line. It was fine before I downloaded the hot fix. The only way I can fix this is by turning on Anti-Aliasing which I don’t want to use as it heats up my device. I have tried everything, like soft restarts, uninstalling IF, clearing ram, turning down plane count etc etc.

Device specs: iPad 7th gen 64GB with good internet connections.

Any help would be appreciated as this should not be happening on the newest iPad. Are there any steps to solving this problem? Game is not lagging.

This is to be expected with anti aliasing off. It adds to performance degradation for a reason, it improves things massively.

See the example below:


But just 2 days ago it was still fine; it was not this obvious even with anti-aliasing off. I have not changed anything be it settings or device settings.

This might be nothing but when did you download the hotfix (just a guess due to the time frame)
Cign :D

Just when it came out

And nothing you have done differently in the past few days, anything… (third party apps… busy airspace where you were landing?)

Nope. I use IFassistant but it gives me no issues whatsoever. Never had a issue with it.

Seems odd… could be traffic around you, affecting performance or something on apples side (IOS 14?), I am out of ideas…

There were 0 traffic around me. But thanks for trying to help!

i have anti aliasing on and it didn’t change a thing

For me it did but I don’t want it on as it heats up my device.

my problem is that i want it but even when i turn it on nothing changes

The level of details (LOD) changes when models are zoomed out on. This is in an effort to improve performance. Anti Aliasing is the main way to fix this for screen shots or videos.

@anon28254084 what is your current graphics settings when not flying? These reset when you reinstall so make sure you put them back if needed after a reinstall.

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High for all graphic settings. Even when I zoom in, the still appear jagged. Also, I have made sure that I have put back whatever was my previous settings.

The iPad 7th generation is not the best device even though it is the newest, it only has an A-10 bionic chip, The IPad mini 5 and New IPad Pro have A-12 and A-12z bionic chips, so essentially you’re ipad’s chip is from 2017 instead of 2019.

True, but it is still relatively new and shouldn’t be happening now, should it?

It might still happen, I would suggest an iPad mini 5 (which I am saving up for) since it isn’t much more expensive and it has a way better chip.

Thanks for the suggestion! Unfortunately I wouldn’t be buying a new device anytime soon as the iPad I have now is barely half a year old. I will porbably get a new iPad Pro when my current iPad is about 3-4 years old.

Thanks, makes sense, the iPad Pro is expensive.

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