Jadon Bethel [YOUTUBE]

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There’s a new youtuber out there making Infinite Flight Videos in collaboration with IFES. His name is Jadon Bethel. There’s ALOT more quality videos to come from him! Videos that you’ll actually watch TWICE. (As I said he’s new, he only has 4 videos at this very moment as I’m typing, so don’t spam the comments about this).

Click here to view his channel

Click here to see my favourite video

I personally liked his videos, and I’m sure in the future you all will thank me for telling you about him. Or… just… leave a like under my topic…

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Disclaimer: The purpose of this topic is for advertising Jadon Bethel only.


Does anyone else see a suggested topic called “Barack Obama” on this page?..

Search for it

Well, on my screen its right here.

Is this some kind of advertisement?

Yea, just because they look so bad. You do not make a time lapse simply by scrolling the time forward on the media player, nor do you land a A340 like that.

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As I said, He’s new. the best youtubers dont just start off perfect you know.

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Here’s a Specific Link to his IF Playlist

I’m also uploading IF videos to Youtube, but I don’t brag about it.
Well, maybe I do when I upload two videos with a full flight and landing on the forum…


Uh huh… I’m just trying to get him known. If I was bragging I’d go into detail.