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Jacob’s Great IF Marathon

Hello, my name is PilotJacob. I recently took a break from Infinite Flight and I’m back to Grade 1, so I’ve decided to take on a challenge. This challenge will help me reach a high grade and overall improve my knowledge and abilities.

I’m calling this personal challenge the Great IF Marathon. It consists of doing a flight with every aircraft with every livery, all the flights I’m doing are based on real flights that the aircraft do and I use realistic flight planning.

This challenge will take me a few months and I will be posting updates regularly on this thread. You’re welcome to follow a long and post your progress here too!

I also want to mention the fact that I’m already 2 flights in, meaning that the Air Austral A220 flight and Air Canada A220 flight will not be mentioned until the end of challenge where I will show my replay list.


First documented flight! Vancouver to Calgary using the Airbus A220-300 Air Canada Retro livery!

Next flight was over the Bay of Biscay. CDG to Portugal’s Lisbon!

Flying over Kyrgyzstan in Air Manas’ A220. Manas to Almaty.

This beautiful shot is from the flight I did with Air Tanzania’s A220, Mwanza to Dar Es Salaam.

First night flight of the challenge and first flight in Oceania! Port Vila - Auckland.

Back to Europe with the first Air Baltic flight! Riga - Munich.

Another Air Baltic flight, but with the Estonia livery! Tallinn to Riga.

Next was a delivery flight for Air Baltic. Hawarden - Riga.

A few days later I did a similar flight but with the C-Series livery. Delivery to Air Canada - Toronto Downsview to Montréal.

Breeze A220. Tampa - Oklahoma City.

Delta A220. Boston - Detriot.

Egyptair A220. Cairo - Budapest.

Egyptair Express A220. Luxor - Cairo.

First charter flight! A220, Bristol - Brussels.

Touchdown at Nnamdi with Ibon Air’s A220! Murtal Muhammed - Nnamdi Azikiwe.

Iraqi Aiways’ A220 resting after a hop from Bahrain to Baghdad.

First flight in the US for a while. Had a blast looking at the East Coast scenery in JetBlue’s A220. Tampa - Boston

Took the 220 over to Asia tonight for a flight from Incheon to Okayama.

And the final A220 flight with Swiss! Munich to Zurich.

PLEASE NOTE: I was first planning on putting all flight documentation on this one post. But I’ve come to realise that such a thing would be quite unrealistic. From now on, I will be replying to the original post to add new eateries instead of editing the original post. Because of this new format, I’ve made a overhauled Topic which can be found here.


sounds great, wish you the best of luck! I’ll certainly be following along :)

Thank you! Best of luck to you too.

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Nice concept, good luck bro!


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