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Jacob's Great IF Marathon

Hello and welcome!

My name is PilotJacob and this is the main thread for my challenge, the Great IF Marathon.
The marathon is a challenge I set myself at the start of September 2022. It’s simple, do a realistic route with every aircraft and livery in Infinite Flight.

I’ve already completed the Airbus A220-300, and you can find the topic for that here.
I wanted to overhaul the whole system of how I document the challenge on IFC so I’ve made this new topic and have set out a format for myself.

A Discord Server is Coming!


I think this would go in live.

Alrighty, thank you for the tip.

Aircraft: A318-100
Livery: ACJ Livery 1
Route: KJFK - KBOS
Flight Time: 0:44

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Aircraft: A318-100
Livery: ACJ Livery 2
Route: KDEN - CYYC
Flight Time: 1:58


Aircraft: A318-100
Livery: ACJ Livery 3
Route: CYYC - KLAX
Flight Time: 2:50

Note: This blog will be less active due to my joining of BAVA. I will still upload it occasionally.

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