Jacob_Sim's ATC Tracking Thread CLOSED

Welcome Infinite Flight Community!

This is my ATC tracking thread for my ATC sessions. Whenever I am controlling I will change the title from closed to open and leave a comment below.

I would appreciate constructive feedback left below, if you need to talk about anything else please PM to avoid cluttering this thread - Thanks.


Saturday 16 June - KBZN Bozeman Yellowstone International Now Closed

Open for 50 minutes (00:30-01:20 ZULU)
Airport: KBZN (Yellowstone Airport)
Session: Global Training Server

NOTAM: Intersection Departures Ok, no aircraft larger than 747/MD-11 RWY 12 & 11 in use

METAR: KBZN 152356Z 14007KT 10SM SCT120 18/07 A2982 RMK AO2 LTG DSNT SW SLP071 T01780072 10211 201128 56012

This is part of @PlaneCrazy’s region of the month, Montana

Please leave any feedback below

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On my way. Inbound as PH-ADZ

Sorry I disappeared after landing. The IF app has a new habit of crashing on me these days.

Here’s some feedback:
Left downwind’ pattern entry instruction: good
Cleared for the option: great.
There was no need to instruct me to turn-base.
The fighter after, you instructed to enter upwind’. That was not needed also.
The fighter did not receive a sequence to follow me as traffic to follow is on right downwind’. Sequencing (and, if needed re-sequencing) is VERY important for Tower.
I declared full-stop. After this you need to clear me to land, unless you already cleared me (for the option) before. You cleared me for the option.
I did not receive an exit runway instruction after landing.

I hope you recognise the feedback and it’s of use.
Have fun! 😊

Something else: I would suggest to pick a (relatively unknown) airport with two parallel runways. KSCK is always a good one. So is EDDL.


I’m coming down right now. This is awesome, thank you!

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Really well done ATC! The only problem I spotted was that you didn’t instruct me to exit the runway after I landed.

It was great to have ATC at my favorite airport, thank you again! There were several aircraft that were way to big to be there, lol.

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Do you have still open?

Wednesday 04 July - HECA Cairo International Now Closed

Open for 25 minutes (10:35-11:10 ZULU)
Airport: HECA (Cairo Airport)
Session: Global Training Server

NOTAM: Intersection Departures Ok, RWY 23L 23C in use

METAR: HECA 041000Z 29007KT 6000 NSC 32/21 Q1008 NOSIG

Please leave any feedback below