Jacob_Sim's ATC Tracking Thread - CLOSED

Here’s some feedback!

  • Don’t instuct the aircraft to enter l/r downwind to a runway they just took off from. They will automatically turn downwind, only instruct to turn downwind if changing runway.

  • There was a delta plane that was entering straight in runway 31. You should have sequenced me by saying number 2 traffic to follow is on final. There is a link to a sequencing video at the bottom of this post if you need it. Sequencing also makes the aircraft maintain appropriate seperation without the controller needing to say turn base and enter straight in commands.

  • If there is one aircraft remaining in a pattern all you need to do is clear them, without any turn base, or enter straight in commands.

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Alright! Look you did a pretty good job overall, but there were a few things I picked up on when you were controlling.

1. In my first pattern, you did well with the runway change, although there was no sequencing. You should’ve said “number 2, traffic to follow (delta) is on right downwind”
Also the clearance was late, I was on short final…
As soon as you have sequenced me, and know that there will be no other planes interfering, you can clear me “number 2, cleared for the option”

2. On my second pattern, shortly after takeoff, you did sequence me, but included the “enter right downwind” at the start. You only need to tell someone to enter the pattern if they are inbound or there will be a runway change. So what should’ve been said was “number 2, traffic to follow is on right downwind”. Once again, I was on short final when the clearance was issued.

Other than that, you did a good job and if you get those things down pat, you willl be on your way to IFATC in no time!

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@nk1021 @Gonzous @Josh thanks for your feedback guys, I will take it onboard for future

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Monday 16 April - YBAF Archerfield Airport Now Closed

Open for 60 minutes (00:30-01:30 ZULU)

Airport: YBAF (Archerfield Airport)

Session: Global Training Server

NOTAM: no aircraft larger than Q400 RWY 10L for DEPT & APPR
              great airfield for pattern flying
             @KPIT is also open at YSSY, jump in a GA aircraft and see if you can make it 

METAR: Unavailable

Thanks to those who came to Archerfield, it is a great airfield, my home airfield. Look out for me controlling there again.

Thanks to @Josh for coming out and flying some patterns but there will be more than one aircraft in the IFATC exam!

I’m coming back don’t worry
Just doing a touch and go at brissy

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My iPad just froze
Bare with me

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No need for “enter right downwind RWY 10L” if I took off from there.

No idea why you told me to extend downwind when I did a tight pattern. There was no one there.

Same with the I’ll call your base, why?

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Your controlling was okay.
A few things I picked up on was

  • You need to work on your pattern instructions. On every pattern you told me to enter right downwind. Pattern instructions only need to be given if there is a runway change or it is an inbound aircraft. I was neither of the two
  • Clearances where extremely late. The reason I kept reporting my position was because you hadn’t cleared me yet. Every time it was on final. As Tyler Shelton would say, “Sequence (of nessescary), Clear and you’re done”. No one was in front of me so you could’ve cleared me on crosswind really.
  • The transition altitude was a little low but I already explained that to you when you asked earlier on the transition thread.

I would’ve liked to stay for longer but my game crashed.
Just work on these things

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Thanks @Panther and @Josh for your feedback, will be sure to take it onboard for future.

Oh yeah I forgot to mention, the I’ll call your base you gave me was unnecessary as I was the only aircraft in the pattern
Pilots are expected to know how to do a pattern, they don’t need to be guided every step of the way

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Sunday 22 April - LICD Lampedusa Airport Now Closed

Open for 45 minutes (0520-0605 ZULU)
Airport: LICD (Lampedusa Airport)
Session: Global Training Server

NOTAM: No aircraft larger than 777-200

METAR: LICD 220400Z VRB01KT 9999 FEW030 16/15 Q1019