Jacob_Sim’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Welcome Infinite Flight Community!

This is my ATC tracking thread for my ATC sessions. Whenever I am controlling I will change the title from closed to open and leave a comment below. I will always be controlling GND & TWR or just TWR if that is only available

I would appreciate constructive feedback left below, if you need to talk about anything else please PM to avoid cluttering this thread - Thanks.

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Thursday 12 December - YSSY Sydney Kingsford Smith International Now Closed

Open for 40 minutes (0220-0300 ZULU) (1320-1400 AEDT)
Airport: YSSY (Sydney Airport)
Session: Global Training Server

NOTAM: Intersection Departures Ok, no aircraft restrictions RWY 16R, 16L & 07 in use

METAR: YSSY 120130Z 16012KT 9999 FEW018 BKN040 BKN250 21/15 Q1013 NOSIG

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Hello, thanks for the service! I was 8-SMRT, and you demonstrated a solid understanding of the basic ground and tower commands, good job! Here’s a few tips for improvement:

  • After a runway change, the “cleared for the option” command requires a “left/right traffic” instruction. This means your second pattern entry command “enter right downwind runway 07” is not necessary.
  • There is no need to wait for someone to be on base/final before clearing them to land/for the option. Doing it early gets it out of the way and avoids them having to report position.
  • Every person in the pattern needs a sequence and a clearance - just giving them “number 2, cleared for the option” is NOT enough. You first need tell them “number 2, behind the traffic on xxx” so they know who to follow.
  • Beware of intersection runways! There was an unnecessary G/A caused by conflicting traffic on 07 and 16R. You can use “extend downdind” or “ill call your base” to help avoid this.

Overall, keep practising and you’ll be IFATC quality in no time! Keep up the good work :)


I’ll swing by for a bit

Hmm are you still open? I can’t see you in the airspace status and you don’t seem to have edited the title since yesterday

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