Jacob_Sim’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Welcome Infinite Flight Community!

This is my ATC tracking thread for my ATC sessions. Whenever I am controlling I will change the title from closed to open and leave a comment below. I will always be controlling GND & TWR or just TWR if that is only available

I would appreciate constructive feedback left below, if you need to talk about anything else please PM to avoid cluttering this thread - Thanks.

Friday 13 September - YBBN Brisbane International Airport Now Closed

Open for 40 minutes (0800-0840 ZULU) (1800-1840 AEST)
Airport: YBBN (Brisbane Airport)
Session: Global Training Server

NOTAM: Intersection Departures Ok, no aircraft restrictions RWY 19 & 14 in use

METAR: YBBN 130730Z 12010KT CAVOK 20/10 Q1020 NOSIG

Airport Diagram

Hello Jacob_Sim! My username is Humars and my callsign is N687HS, I was one of the attendants for your session today. It has been a nice flight, but not to forget here’s your general feedback:


You did fantastic and wonderful! All requests were handled correctly in a timely manner!


You should give aircraft that are remaining in the pattern a beforehand clearence for the option when their in crosswind or early downwind. Also, when I said in my second circuit that I’ll be landing you gave me the landing clearence, that’s unnecessary as you already cleared me for the option. I only said that to serve to you as a reminder that it will be my final circuit :/.

Overall, you did fantastic/wonderful and hope to see you in your next session!

P.S.: Also, if I’m correct, I don’t think you should be on-guarding an aircraft that’s at twenty-thousand feet (20,000ft). You need to wait until they enter your airspace, which is from SFC (Surface)-to whatever altitude is in the first ring.

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We don’t use this anymore. The new protocol is displayed in the image below. :)



Oh, my bad :/. Thanks.

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