Jacksonville Spotting 04-06-24

Hello fellow IFC’er’s 👋
Last week I was in St. Augustine with family for spring break! On Saturday we headed home and had a lengthy delay at JAX before our flight to Chicago which gave me the perfect excuse to spot! Enjoy the photos! All the pictures were taken on my google pixel 7 pro 😉

N226BZ (A220-300) operating as MXY502 to Las Vegas! I took this picture right as it began rotating off runway 32 for the 5 hour journey west!

WN827 (737-700) starting up before it heads to Chicago Midway

JetBlue 710 operated on an E190 taxiing to runway 32 for a flight to Boston

Republic (United Express) 3481 taxiing into the gate after a flight from Washington Dulles

United 1757 (A320-232) Taxiing out for departure to Washington Dulles

Delta 1451 (A220-100) starting its engines for the journey up to Boston!

A UPS A300-622 Chillin at the cargo ramp before it departed to San Juan Puerto Rico Saturday night.

Delta 2304 (A319-114) touching down after a flight from New York LGA

Delta 2328 (B757-232) pushing back for its quick 50 minute flight to Atlanta! This was flight #3 of 8 delta flights to Atlanta Saturday.

American 2852 (A320-200) blasting off to Phoenix! Apologies for the blurry photo 😅. I ran to the window to get a picture but was a little late.

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Cool pictures.

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Classic @United403 terminal spotting lol. Nice shots

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FR 😂

St. Augustine is amazing!!! Went there for a school camping trip last year, great shots as always

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Thanks for leaving FL too many tourists are here😀 nice photos

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Sounds like Jackson hole EVERY SINGLE SUMMER🥴🥴


Tragic events. 🥲

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I was not expecting to see my home airport here today! All of those photos were great, keep up the work with em:)

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@M4_Spotting thanks! Welcome to the community!

Now @United403 wants to invade my territory for spring break? 😀

But seriously nice captured and hope you enjoyed St, Augustine looking forward to returning one day!

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Don’t worry, I left some Bison in downtown St… Augustine for you to have 😝

It exceeded my expectations

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We have Bison already in Paynes Prairie Preserve State Park near Gainesville but more is well appreciated!

Honestly I don’t get why more people go there like Miami and the south in general is already overcrowded

Crowds overwhelm me pretty severely
And when there were crowds in st. Augustine, we just escaped to the beach

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that’s the story of my vacations, provided we visited an area with a beach

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me casually wondering why the blurriest picture is the favorite 🧐🧐🤔🤔

Thanks, happy to be here! (Not me trying to get to be able to post before I go spotting again) @United403

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