JacksonAviationā€™s ATC Tracking Thread - @KGCN - [Closed]

As some of you may know, I want to be a IFATC Controller! You have to start somewhere though so if anyone is able to help me achieve that, I would appreciate it! I hope to control you soon šŸ˜‚

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Iā€™ll be open in Fort Myers (KRSW) later of you want to come and fly some patterns!

@JacksonAviation, Iā€™d be interested. Let me know how long until youā€™re starting.

Probably 30 minutes or so

Now Open at KRSW!

Iā€™m open at KRSW now and most likely MRLB later

Closed! MRLB may be tomorrow

Now open at MRLB!

Now closed!

You did fairly decent, but I have a few things to point out.


You cleared me for transition at or above 1,500ft, that is pretty low, and 2,500ft or above wouldā€™ve been appropriate for this airport.


No need for me to line-up and wait, as there is no other aircraft inbound, you could have easily just cleared me for takeoff.

When I was on left downwind for runway 7, you told me to extend downwind, even though there was no incoming traffic.

When I was entering downwind, you told me: Cleared for the option runway 7, after the option make left traffic.

The pilot would already imply to make left traffic, as when I took off you said: Cleared for takeoff runway 7, make left traffic.

Those are my suggested improvements for you as ATC, I wish you luck in the future!

Thank you! I will use that in the future!

I will be open at KBNA later

Iā€™ll be open at KBUR in about four minutes

Iā€™ll spawn wait

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Thanks! Iā€™ll be there in a sec!

I need to plan some stuff tho

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Iā€™m coming! Callsign: Airbus 737

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On my way!

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You did decent, but you still have a lot to work on.

If there is one or more aircraft landing on the same runway, you must give them a sequence, or else the aircraft doesnā€™t know who to follow, or they could just hop in front of someone on final.

Before giving a clearence, you must give a sequence first. Also, when I changed runways, you must clear me again, same with the go-around. When I was on final the third time, I wouldā€™ve called a go-around, since you forgot to clear me.

Also, to another aircraft, they requested for a touch and go, but then you told them, Cleared to Land, in that situation, you would tell them ā€œCleared for the optionā€.

When I landed, you shouldā€™ve told me to exit the runway, but you never told me when and which way to exit.

Also, whenever someone requests a runway change, you must give them a new pattern entry into the runway.

Thatā€™s all for now, I hope you continue to improve in future sessions. :)


Feedback from your session @JacksonAviation

Taxi clearances - good

Takeoff clearances - good

Pattern work - ok, although lots to improve on. My first pattern couldā€™ve been cleared to land much earlier as there were no other aircraft in that pattern.

Runway changes - need to ensure you are giving a pattern entry prior to clearing the plane to land, rather than giving a straight away cleared to land command. This helps the pilot know where to go.

Landing clearances - usually a fair bit late

Other aircraft - you probably shouldā€™ve told me to go around or the other aircraft, rather than making me do a 360 on short final at 200ft AGL

Sequencing - as said in @Niccckkā€™s post, you must give a sequence if there are multiple aircraft flying the same pattern at the same time. (If you forget/donā€™t do this, you will definitely get a fail for the practical as it is a huge part of ATC)

Other than that you did alright.

Well done


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