@Jack's ATC tracking thread [CLOSED]


Hi I’m aspiring to become IFATC, and want some feedback on my ATC.


Open at KATL on training server


Open at CYVR on training server


@Jackson_Queneau, I am on my way!


thankyou @Gliding_Central your one of the first people to try it out


I’m coming too.
LH838 heavy


Feedback here or PM?


leave it Here please


@Jack_Q, Your feedback from me is via PM. Sorry.


Thats fine @Gliding_Central


I should’ve given you more pattern instruction, @Thorge




  • All good


  • There was no traffic so no reason for no pattern work. Here you have a picture of a pattern: received_129969397906136
  • Every inbound aircraft need:
  1. Pattern Entry
  2. Sequence (if Traffic)
  3. Clearance (option for touch and go full stop and go or low pass, land for full stop and exit the runway)
  • No pattern work only if traffic is high.

Don’t see more. Here’s a playlist for ATC. This might help you pass your test and provide high quality ATC services. Air Traffic Control Tutorials: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLPK_42U0EhIfsC6cU503Zwda4ZcurnPSt

See you in the sky’s!


You gave me no pattern entry. Why no pattern work?


Sorry i completely spaced it i have been having a rough day


Open at KDEN on training server


Open KSEA on training


I can join you!! Will be there asap. Nasa 1


thanks @Thomas_G leave me my review by DM


Open at RKSI on training


Leave my review in DM