Jacks ATC tracking thread [CLOSED] - KCLT

Hello and welcome to my official ATC tracking thread! I am currently not old enough to apply for IFATC since I will be 14 in September. I want to get some training in beforehand. Constructive Feedback always appreciated! I’m open currently Ground and tower.

About KGSO

KGSO is an airport located in Greensboro, North Carolina and is my home airport. Below you can find some info about the airport along with suggested routes.

Runways 14/32 are reserved for small GA aircraft
Runways 23R/05L and Runways 23L/05R are used for commercial aircraft
Runway 23R, 23L and 14 are the current active Runways

Pattern work is accepted

No intersection departures

Follow ATC instructions

Suggested routes:

Delta 717 KGSO-KATL
Allegiant A320 KGSO-KPIE
Frontier A320 KGSO-KDEN
Any GA aircraft is fine!
Plus any route you prefer!

Once again Feedback appreciated!

Closing early due to unprecedented obligation.

My home state! Definitely coming out when you control again :)

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Small world! Will control again tomorrow! Hopefully I’ll see you there!

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Maybe, school sadly! If it’s after 5:00 PM I’ll come!

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I’m now open at KCLT (Charlotte Douglas international) ground and tower! Feedback always appreciated!

Pattern Work allowed
No Intersection departures
Follow ATC instructions
Runway 23 is reserved for GA aircraft
Runways 18R, 18C, 18L and 23 are active

Now closed because no one came out

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