Jacklcsm’s ATC Tracking Thread [CLOSED] @N/A

Welcome to @Jacklcsm’s ATC Thread

For departing aircraft: If your are not flying patterns please make a flight plan before contacting Tower.


Feel free to leave some Constructive Criticism down below!
Remember Pobodys Nerfect



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This is my tracking thread to become better at ATC and one day join the IFATC team!

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Will be open until 0600Z at GCLP! Pattern Work, Runway Changes, Transitions, and departures and coming back into the pattern are the ones I need to work on so look out for that!


I’ll come for few patterns ;)

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Awesome! See you there


I was about to test out the transition, but you have already left haha. Maybe next time then ;)

It was a good session, but there are some things that need to be work on

  1. On my first pattern, you issued “Cleared for takeoff, make right traffic”. I did right traffic and you issued “Enter left downwind runway XX”. Perhaps it was a confusion. Keep in mind that aircrafts staying in a pattern doesn’t need to be issued another new pattern entry. Unless he’s going against the traffic you instructed (e.g. You instructed me to do right traffic, but I do left traffic instead)
  2. You don’t need to issue new pattern instructions everytime an aircraft goes to another pattern phase. Remember, one pattern entry for every pattern. You don’t need to issue one to an aircraft on base when you have given one earlier while he was on downwind.
  3. On my second pattern, when you gave me another pattern entry to a new runway (From 21R to 21L after I was being told to do left traffic), the correct pattern entry should have been “Enter left downwind runway 21L” instead of “Enter right downwind runway 21L”. Again like point number one earlier, it could be a confusion of traffic
  4. When I asked for a runway change, you gave me clearance immediately. Remember, you need to give a new pattern entry to the aircraft first if you want to give a new runway, followed by a clearance (with traffic direction as he is entering a new pattern. In this case for pattern works only). Just treat it like an inbound from outside the airport ;)

Always remember

  1. Pattern Entry + Sequence (If there is any traffic)
  2. Clearance (Always remember to give a new traffic direction if the aircraft intends to do touch and goes)

For aircrafts staying on pattern

  1. Sequence (If there is any traffic)
  2. Clearance

To better understand about how ATC works, check out this video! ;)

Hope to see you as an IFATC soon! Good luck!


Here’s a chart that can help you to illustrate the traffic direction. Hope it helps!

This is a traffic pattern illustration for GCLP earlier


Ahh I couldn’t find the approach charts anywhere. I get very confused with the lefts and right downwinds. Tomorrow I will open up too focus on those dot points. Sorry for cutting you off like that I guess I was too excited for FNF. Thanks for the feedback, and you completed the patterns really well. Have fun out there! Btw how did you find that approach chart? Just curious

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It wasn’t a chart haha, I drew it by myself so I can give you a picture of how left/right traffic looks like. Keep in mind

  • Right traffic - aircraft is located right to the runway in use
  • Left Traffic - aircraft is located left to the runway in use

For approach charts, I usually look it up at Google and try to look at some Jeppesen charts if available

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Wow that chart looks amazing! I’m writing all these notes down for my next session

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Thank you George that graph helps lot, ATC knowledge⬆️

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No problem, glad to help!

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