Jack5101's Radar ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Hello wonderful people of the Infinite Flight community! I have decided to take the next step in my journey with IFATC and train to become an approach/radar controller. I am in the training process and I’m becoming more confident with every session I do, but more practice never harmed anyone!

If you have a spare quarter of an hour, I’d really appreciate it if you came by and helped me out. It’s dead simple, all you have to do is takeoff from a nearby airfield (choices below), request an approach (ILS/GPS/Visual/Radar Vectors to the runway choice below), plug my instructions to you into the autopilot and that’s about the size of it!

If you’re feeling extra generous, you might even want to do it again, or stick around for some Radar Patterns - these are like tower patterns where you perform a touch and go, but on takeoff you fly runway heading and re-request an approach for me to vector you in.

Things to watch out for:

  • Terrain Separation: You must be at least 1000ft AGL at all times, make sure one of the readouts on the bar at the bottom reads your altitude AGL so you can make sure you don’t go below. If you go below 1000ft AGL, this is called a Terrain Bust.
  • Separation from other aircraft: You must be at least 3 miles laterally (across the way) or 1000ft vertically separated from others. If you lose this separation, it’s called a Separation Bust.
  • ILS intercept: The clearance on an ILS approach should be issued at 30 degrees from the runway heading (e.g. 050 or 110 on runway 08 would be appropriate). It should allow you to intercept the ILS localiser underneath the glideslope, and without overshooting. If this doesnt happen and you overshoot or come in too high, you should execute a Missed Approach.
  • Visual approach: If you cannot see the airfield from the cockpit view, you shouldn’t report the airport in sight.
  • GPS Approach: Without a valid GPS approach filed (approach procedures beginning with R or H) you shouldn’t request a GPS approach. If you don’t have one filed and request anyway, you will be told to expect vectors for the ILS.

Trainer approved


Open at SCEL - 17s in use

Nearby airfields to fly in from: SCER, SCVM, SCSN and SCRG

Please come along if you can and leave any feedback below!

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I’ll be open until around 2020-08-22T18:15:00Z so plenty time to come by!

Currently open at MROC - runway 07 in use

NOTAM: MROC does not have an approach frequency, instead, please use departure on 120.50

Nearby fields: MRAN, MRCH, MRGP, MRQP

Please come by if you can, and stick any feedback below :)

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On my way!

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-GPS -> Perfect!

-ILS -> Perfect, nice 30° Intercept.

-VIS -> Not sure why my initial vector was runway heading just for it to be crosswind vector a few seconds later. Could have just been a crosswind vector instead of runway heading. Nice squeeze with the ILS there too.

Really good session! Keep it up🙌

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