Jack_Q Screenshot Combo #8

Hey IFC!
IF’s prime time is coming up! What I mean by that is that their busiest time of the year is just around the corner, and that’s summer! More pilots, events, and festivities!


American Airlines | CDG-JFK | Boeing 777-200ER

Loading up the sausage like 777

Flying high


Alaska Airlines | SEA-JFK | Boeing 737-900ER


Climbing out of Seattle


Singapore Airlines | SIN-SFO | Airbus A350-900

Loading up the plane

Final 28L


Emirates Skycargo | HKG-DEL | Boeing 777-200F

Full of medical supplies and vaccines, as well as some racing horses and laptops stuffed in the trunk

Flying high


Philippines | LAX-MNL | Boeing 777-300ER

Our ride

Climbing out of Los Angeles

I hope y’all enjoyed!


I like the first one

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Passengers have to do the leap of faith :)

Great photos!!

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Great shots! Your shots deserve more attention.

Why not Misha’s 🦄🦄🦄

Great shots!