Jack_Q Screenshot Combo #6

Hey IFC!
This week we dive more in depth on the 21.1 beta. May I just say, the devs have done some fantastic work and what they have done to make such a realistic simulator is just mind blowing. Let me tell you right now devs, you are closing the gap between simulator and real flying. But matter how close you get, all flight simulators still lack one thing: G force. The G force you feel on takeoff and landing in real life flight is one of the best parts of flying which sucks because that is impossible to mirror in a simulator.


ANA | HND-JFK | Boeing 777-300ER

Blasting out of Haneda

Parked at the gate at JFK


Air China | SFO-PEK | Boeing 747-8

Rotating off of 28L

Climbing high


Delta Airlines | DCA-SLC | Boeing 757-200

Turning onto the runway

Screaming out of the nation’s capital


Southwest Airlines | LAX-SJC | Boeing 737-800

Starting up the engines

Flying high


WestJet | YVR-LGW | Boeing 787-9

Getting ready to push with @CanadianNorth

Zooming out of Vancouver!

I hope y’all enjoyed!


Amazing! Loved the first, second and last shot!

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AWESOME 🤩 PHOTOS @Jack_Q ❕Especially the WestJet 😉Photos Lol 😆

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