Jack_Q Screenshot Combo #5

Hey IFC!
First and foremost, happy 10th anniversary IF! I have a weird feeling that IF will forever change tommorow and today (Sunday, April 25th) will be the last day of the “old” IF, which has no clouds and buildings. Anyways, here is some cool photos to look at while you guys are watching the 21.1 sneak peek. Next week’s screenshot combo may have some cool stuff in it, depending if mods let us post our 21.1 beta picks on the forum.


FedEx Express | ANC-MEM | McDonnell Douglas MD-11F

Lining up for takeoff

Screaming out of Anchorage


Sunday Airlines | SSH-NQZ | Boeing 757-200

Our ride

Rocketing out of SSH


United Airlines | DEN-FRA | Boeing 787-9

Gear up

I’m actually flying to Denver in June on Frontier, first time I’ve flown on an airliner since the beginning of the pandemic so I’m very excited


Air China | CKG-ZHA | Boeing 737-700

Blasting out of CKG

Climbing high


Lufthansa | FRA-SFO | Airbus A380-800

Takeoff from Frankfurt

Buttery landing in SFO!

I hope y’all enjoyed!

And once again, happy 10th Anniversary Infinite Flight!


Love frontier!! Lmk how it goes!!

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I love the first picture 😍

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I got a hunch everyone was so engulfed in the 21.1 thread that they forgot to check out my post 😂