Jack_Q Screenshot Combo #4

Hey IFC!
Welcome to another one of my Screenshot Combos! Last week I featured American Airlines’s old liveries, which I have been getting a lot of good feed back on so check that out if you haven’t already.


Cathay Pacific | HKG-JFK | Airbus A350-900

Launching out of HKG

Climbing high


Alaska Airlines | SEA-OGG | Boeing 737-900ER

Flying high

Final 02


Emirates | DFW-DXB | Boeing 777-200LR

Loading up for a long flight

Blasting out of DFW


UPS | KOA-SBD | McDonnell Douglas MD-11F

Climbing through the humid morning air

Flying high


Delta Airlines | CDG-ATL | Airbus A350-900

Soaring across the busy Atlantic


That’s all, I hope y’all enjoyed!


Those are some superb shots right there! 👍

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wow, very nice photos. Love them

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Beautiful pictures😍✈️

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Nice, I especially liked the zoom
One extra question: How did you remove the background in the 6th pic?

@TheGlobalAviator I used the healing feature on PSexpress and I tried to blur our some of the lines on the sky in the background

Wow… What a fantastic collection you got. These shots are just mind blowing.

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Amazing… can I borrow this one for my background?image

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@MisterSir absolutely! Also,
I’m pretty sure if you want to use a photo that’s not yours for just a personal device background, you don’t need permission. But I still appreciate you asking

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Thank you!

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Amazing shots! The 8th photo is my fav.

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