Jack_Q Screenshot Combo #3

Hey IFC!
You will see me posting these topics weekly in the future. This week, I have a theme, American Airline’s old liveries, and at the end, an aircraft with their new livery to compare. I hope you enjoy!


American Airlines Boeing 737-800ER (Astrojet)


American Airlines McDonnell Douglas MD-11


American Airlines Boeing 757-200


American Airlines Boeing 767-300ER


American Airlines Boeing 777-200ER (New)

I hope y’all enjoyed!


Very cool shots @Jack_Q! I see you like the old American liveries 😄


ooooo 767!!!


You have won my approval for using retro liveries. Awesome photos!


Is there such a thing though? I really don’t know…
But There is a 737-700ER

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Oh you may be right, it looks to me like the ER only comes on -700s and -900s

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Very beautiful pics. That is AA B757 is looking 🔥🔥

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Awesome editing! Looks like straightly pulled out from 80’s 😍

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Jack these are some amazing pictures 😃 nice job

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