J-F_V’s Twitch / YT stream [LIVE] @ KJFK (Expert server)

Hello everybody…

Welcome to my Twitch stream…

Tonight, enjoy KSAN ATC, ground, tower and ATIS on the expert server…


EGLL local on the menu tonight…

CYUL is featured today by IFATC for the Air Canada Virtual | Official Thread // Fil officiel

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Tonight’s stream will be from SKBO…

Very special stream as I’ll twitch an special officer radar session from the IFATC server…trying to join as many as 12+ pilots…IFATC don’t hesitate to sign in the Kit’s SKBO session…

Starting 0100z

Live from EGLL tonight folks!

Here again live from KLAX Ground and Tower tonight!

KMIA ground and tower on the menu tonight…


Approach now open with me

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CYYZ - KJFK - KIAD - KBOS and CYUL opened on expert…

CYUL twitched…

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Little recent tower rehearsal with friends

Tower rehersal - KLCK

British Airways group flight out of EGLL - Expert server a while ago…

BA Group flight out of EGLL

London Heathrow local opened and streamed…Radar also open for now

Hey guys…

For those who loves F18 formations…

Live from KJFK Local tonight

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I want to fly but I’m about to fall asleep

Only 2 more subs to reach 50 please!


This is just hype!

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This video edited by @CalditaDePollo is simply awesome

Thanks so lot for the flight and these images!

P.S: OOOOopppppssss @Dan we did it again 😉

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Avianca Virtual Group flight Live


How long is the flight @J-F_V?

bout 3 hrs