I've seen a US Airways A321 just a month ago.

So when we landed at Los Angeles on June 20th or maybe 21st, while we taxied down to our gate, I see a US Airways A321.

Seems odd, usually when I see American merger planes, AirCal specifically, I can see American plated on the body instead of US or AirCal, but this wasn’t. I know this wasn’t a scrap plane or a US Airways plane, but it has fascinated me. I haven’t seen one since I was young.


They only merged a little while ago. I don’t think all of the US Airways planes have been repainted.


You’re right. I was departing KPHL (one hub of US Airways) and I saw a lot of US Airways a321s. But I did read somewhere that all of the a320s from US Airways are painted

There are serveral planes not painted yet. I was departing from Vegas about a week ago and I saw about 5 US Airways A320’ & 21’s at the gates still being used. They will get a paint job soon. It’s kinda like Southwest Airlines. They got the new logo and livery 2 years ago but they haven’t gotten to the whole fleet of planes just yet!


I’ve seen a ton of old American Airlines planes and US Airways planes still.

Just saw a US Airways CRJ200 overhead

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True, when I lived in AR I saw numerous US Airways E170s after the merger.

When I was at DFW yesterday I saw a bunch of crj aircraft in US Airways liveries

I seen one today.

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