I've returned

Hello Infinite Flight Community,
Though most of you may not remember me, I am CaptainSean, and I have finally returned after a year of being away from Infinite Flight. I’m so happy to see that the community is still growing and doesn’t stop. I’m glad to be surrounded by all these wonderful aviation enthusiasts that are so nice to each other, and helping others. If there’s anything new, please hit me up- it’s been a long time! I hope to see you all in game soon!



Well there’s a big update called global coming out with satellite imagery, engine start stop, and fuel consumption, and another plane the md11/dc10.

That I’m well aware of, and have been waiting for since 2016…too bad it still hasn’t been released yet

They said it might be released during this summer but the md11/dc10 might come later.

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@Daniel14 avoid speculation please as this has not been confirmed, Welcome back on the community! We’re all glad to have you back on here. Once again enjoy your stay and be a civil community member. Cheers!

Whoops! I meant to put “might” instead of will.

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I think I’ve seen you somewhere before last year, but welcome back!

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