I've reached all criteria for grade 3 except 7-Day violation

Hi guys,

Okay so I’ve tried to do some research on my question here but there is no post that is pertaining to my question. So as the title suggests I’ve reached all the criteria needed to be granted grade 3 however when I first got on to the training server I was just learning how to keep my taxi speed under the penalty guidelines. So I ended up accumulating quite a few 7-Day violations, one or two violations came from ATC giving me directions and then forgetting to finish my directions leaving me to try to Savage my course and causing a crash / violation for over-speeding, so I was wondering if there is any way possible for y’all to overlook the 7-Day violations and Grant me grade 3 or if I would have to wait for the 7-Day violations to expire? Since I’ve been on the training server these past several days I have gained the knowledge to go violation free 99.99% of the time as long as air traffic control gives me accurate and pertinent information until the end of flight.


Delta 911
Grade 2 with Grade 3 requirements.
Thank you!


If you post a screenshot of your grade table then we can help you see what you need to do to reach Grade 3

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Alright alright we get it, you’re eager to get grade 3 and into the expert sever. Unfortunately, the same rules apply to everyone, and you’ll have to wait for those violations to expire after a week before you can. Violations can only be reversed in special circumstances where it was due to a game breaking glitch or something like that.

Sure, your mistakes may have been minor and accidental, but that’s the learning curve everyone must endure before they are trusted on the realistic environment on the expert server.

Looking forward to seeing you flying around someday!


Thank you for the information!

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There they are :)


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I apologize for the repetitiveness but I I am going to request to train for IFATC, so yeah pretty excited 😊

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It’s ok, and your stats are looking pretty good, so keep working at it and let your passion soar :)


Absolutely oh, I can’t wait until the weekly violations go away then I can fly / ATC control the expert server I hear a lot about expert server ATC and flight and it sounds like a blast


if done right, yes. Do learn from your mistakes with the vios and try not to replicate them

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You just gotta wait out the 7 days mate.

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I have to say this. It’s not Atc’s fault you got the violations. Don’t blame others. If you can’t follow directions because of terrain that’s why we have an unable button. And if they don’t finish your directors idk how you would crash they don’t control your plane you do:)

Ps: Not attacking you, just letting you know it’s nobody’s fault but yours so please don’t blame others for the violations have a good day


ATC “not finishing”—whatever that means—forced you to speed?

Well, you’re definitely on the right track. Blame air traffic controllers for violations, the one thing they have absolutely no control over at all.

As in zero. Impossible for them to do it if they tried. More rare than an actual psychic or mermaid.

Blaming others is always the best approach though.


@Tim_B @Alphadog4646
Apparently you misunderstood what I said, air traffic control ordered me to disregard flight plan and turn away to a heading then when I was right about to miss approach the air traffic control approach closed and left me to struggle to get back on to approach in which case I ended up stalling and crashing so yes and this instance due to air traffic control approach being negligent I stalled which caused over speeding which caused by violation which caused me to crash because of the stall. So I will say it is damn near impossible but it can be done also I say all this and no means disrespect

To me this sounds like its your own fault…
If you stalled when you tried to get back on approach you were going to slow…


I was set up for landing stats and did not have time to speed up. However I do take partial responsibility for not looking ahead on expecting the unexpected

To all who are concerned. Please do not think that I am blaming air traffic control completely for this violation I do realize that part of it was my fault for not expecting the unexpected on the possibility that approached could close at any time I had my speed to 200 my flaps on full my landing gear down I was flying a embraer E170 when I took off autopilot to try to Savage my approach it started in a downward spiral and I crashed at the time I made the post I was very angry however I do realize that a big part of it was pilot error

well for one in the E170 you shouldnt even have full flaps at 200 kts airspeed with landing gear down. just gonna say. With the way the community works it is very highly unlikely that you will be granted G3 as if everyone did this then it would be havock. hope that answers the question you were trying to ask.
plus the controller would have had no bad play in this as it is solely your fault to control the aircraft. no matter what the ATC tells you you should listen but if is going to cause you to loose control then say unable or say missed approach and try again instead of trying to save it ultimately leading to your crash.

best of luck