I've only been playing this game for 6 months and I need help

Hi guys, I have a problem. During landing, I usually use the ILS approach. By using LNAV and switching from Source (GPS) to Source (NAV1) to let the plane land at the centerline of the runway. At first, my planes are landed at the centerline of the runway, but then they slide to the left or right, which forced me to turn off the AP and switch to manual control. For a newbie like me it’s quite inconvenient. I want to ask everyone what did I do wrong and is there a way for me to land at the centerline without manual?

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So, certain airports ILS is a bit off, but no matter how it has me lined up, I take manual control at ~1000 ft AGL to ensure a smooth landing bc APPR has a tendency to slam you down. Happy flying!


This could be due to windy conditions

You should use a bit of rudder input to compensate for the windy conditions and maintain the centerline. I like to say that you are still flying the plane until you are taxiing to the gate so you should also keep rudder input even after touching down

Here is a useful video:

I usually take it at 500 feet or less as it makes my approach more stable 😅

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That’s what I did, but now I’m starting to be more confident, therefore 1000ft AGL

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Nah bro. Even I went to settings and turn off wind gust and wind velocity, my plane still slide. I bet there is something wrong with my nav.

A good tip is to practice crosswind landings in solo before moving to multiplayer, definitely helps out

Bit stumped now with that information 😅

The only help I could give you now is to practise landing manually


LNAV is not made for landing. Use APPR in the same way you’re setting up NAV1 and you should be in better luck.


Simple solution:
Land the plane yourself

Unless it’s IFR/LIFR just land manually with the ILS tuned to Nav1 and on standby for landing, then you wont have to deal with funky AP issues like this.

I recommend using this method for landing. ILS aided landing. (Not APPR)
→ AP on, source set to GPS
→ ILS tuned NAV1
→ Lnav off & AP off, Source set to NAV1
→ ILS landing aid should be on your HUD now (not APPR)

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you are playing for 6 months that’s Great!. when i joined IF global for the first time there were so many doubt’s but these beautiful people in the community helped me a lot in the initial day’s of IF.

if any further doubt’s i am here to clear your doubt as well as these beautiful people in the community!