I've linked my IF account to Google but it doesn't show the message that my account is linked

I’ve linked my IF account to Google but it doesn’t show a blue message in my profile saying “account linked with google”. I’m not sure if my account is linked or not. Below is a picture attached.

Well, idk about that. But I don’t see it on my screen.

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Well that’s helpful, isn’t it?

I think with Google Play, like my account it doesn’t show it is linked with Google however I know it is from when I log in.

I guess it’s something to do with Google being the first responder to any save game on android.

You should be able to test this by logging onto another device with your Google Play account on that device. (If possible), this is more a personal check than a solution.

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Thanks for the answer!

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You’re right, but I don’t think gameplay from IF is saved to Google. Other games save progress to Google Play Games, however in IF, it’s done through Infinite Flight’s infrastructure, and Google/Facebook are simply mediums to log in and attribute data to a user on their end.

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so it’s Google’s problem?

No it’s not a Google problem, I was responding to @Ecoops123

Your account being linked to Google doesn’t actually show up on that screen. I know my account is linked to my Google account, but it doesn’t show up there - the same as in your app.

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It’s a known issue that it doesn’t show sometimes. The feature is a bit, sketchy :)

It’ll improve in future updates.


Okay I see

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