Ive just lost my grade 4 account. Please help!

Ok so basically what happened is that i was going to renew a global sub today and all the global subs were replaced with errors. I decided to log out and uninstall. I reinstalled the app and when i tried to log into my google account. It reset my entire account to grade 1.

Please someone help its taken soo long to get to where i was

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Did you log back in with the same credentials (Same account)?

What is your old and new display name and Callsign?


Hey what is your callsign? and make sure its the same account, you might been using something else. e.g Facebook.

If not solved will get a staff member to have a look and try and love your issue !

If you know the display names of both accounts, @schyllberg should be able to help.

My display and callsign on my final flight before my sub renewal was Poseidon and the callsign was thai 091 heavy

@schyllberg - Can you confirm if this person has two accounts?

@Wingman_SamM - What is your current display name/Callsign on the account that you are currently on?

I need the information from both accounts.