I've heard a rumour that Air Canada was planning on buying the A380

Yep! Going to use them for a Hawaii service I read.

Airbus cut them a really attractive deal in terms of maintenance to get them to order those 3.

I seriously think that the head of Air Canada would actually use his brain before buying such a massive, completely ridiculous aircraft.

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EK likes it, it’s a great aircraft when your network needs something like that.

But think of the demand. We’re supposed to talk about ACA… Would an A388 be necessary at all?

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Nope not at all

Hi Rob, long time no see… Anyways perhaps people got excited when BAW introduced a daily A380 service to CYVR

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AC doesn’t need it, no, not at all.

But blanket hate against the A380 is uncalled for, there is no need for it.


I agree. No point flaming the A380… Singapore Airlines was the first to use it and I don’t see any problem with it… But yes back to ACA again, I believe 77Ws are sufficient… @Sam1, you said your friend told you this rumour?

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Yep a 77W or 772 can do the job fine. Why have an a380 filled to only 777 or 767 capacity right?

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Yea he’s a pilot

And he works for the ACA? Nevertheless I remember someone saying if it has come from a pilot then it’s most likely false lol

It’s a long story he heard it from the staff manager so if it’s anyone to blame for its the staff manager

Did he say “ACA will”, “ACA may” or is it just his opinion?

ACA will that what he said but a lot of employees say that he is lying

The AC Liv would just look a bit wrong on that Giant a380…

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I think this got misconstrued for BA flying A380 to Western Canada (Vancouver). It’s usually big news in Canada when there’s an A380 route here.

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