I've heard a rumour that Air Canada was planning on buying the A380

I’ve heard that Air Canada was going to buy an A380 or 2, I just wanted to know if that is true. I heard this from an Air Canada Employee. Give your thoughts

Do you have proof?

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Nah. Probably not. Demand for Canadian destinations as for American and European destinations so why buy a couple of A380’s when it’s only gonna be about as full as a 777?


No I just talked to my friend I just don’t if he’s lying

It’s a rumor, if he has proof it would be a fact ;)


It would be nice to have one I love the A380

Oh please. I’m pretty sure the Air Canada CEO would have more common sense than that.


I mean his friend. Does he have a specific source?
Sorry, can’t express myself well, meeh.



Real or Photoshop it’s nice though


I am willing to throw my life savings behind the “no” side. There is no need to buy an A380 when they have a 450-seat 77W.



Only rumors I’ve heard are IB and/or EI… Never heard of AC considering an A388

This will never happen.
Air Canada has retired the Jumbos ages ago (747, A340) They past orders (Last 10 years) have been Boeing only (with the exception of A321 Air Canada Rouge)Trust me, as an Air Canada person, THIS WILL NEVER HAPPEN!


Ahem. An A380 or two? Just for fun? Just for being able to say that you have it in your fleet? No, sorry.

The guys doesn’t know that Montreal airport and Mirabel airport are equip to receive a380, so I don’t thrust it. But I know air Canada would never buy a big Jumbo because there isn’t any point because their flights are usually 4/5

ANA, All Nippon Airlines. Ordered 3 of them, only 3 yes!


After reading that Japan Airlines used the B747 and B777 as domestic aircraft in Japan, I’m intrigued as of why didn’t they order some.
The 747SP was designed for the high-density Asian market too, so the A380 could have had more sales in Asia.

Sure they can thats what Thai Airways has it for they don’t need it I would say the same with Malaysia Airlines but I’m just guessing

Exactly! That’s what she said…