I've got questions about UNICOM

Hi! I have some questions about the usage of UNICOM that I would like to ask, Can anyone help please?

So if i’m approaching an uncontrolled airport through STAR should I call Inbound for landing?

Mainly, is calling inbound for landing only used when making traffic pattern or should also be used when approaching IFR?

And, does this mean that reporting positions like “left downwind” or “final” should only be done when flying VFR?

Then, should I announce something on UNICOM if following GPS or ILS approach?

If i’m on Visual Approach but not following a traffic pattern, should I call Inbound and report postitions? What should I call at UNICOM in this situation?

Thanks for your time and help!


This may not be 100% correct way to do things, but this is how I do it:

When Landing using STARs and Approach procedures, I announce inbound, choose left/right traffic or straight in depending on from which direction I’m approaching the field.

IF the procedure resembles a regular pattern (like in Frankfurt for example), I like to report positions.

I always report final.

Personally, I find reporting inbound and final the most important. Also, reading the user guide will provide you the official “rules”.

Happy flying!

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Hello there!

First, you call inbound for landing. From Right or Left Traffic or Straight in. It really all depends on what direction you are coming in from.

Second, Yes when using Unicom. You should let everyone know where you are just in case someone is lining up for takeoff and you are on final.

That’s all the answers I can do right now. I have linked the user guide down below for help.

Cheers and have a good one!

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Thank you!

Appreciate your help, Thanks!

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