I've decided to try for IFATC! Any tips? (I've met all minimum requirements)

I am certainly gonna try my best. If anyone gives any advice, it is very much appreciated!


Hello There Mate!!! Nice To See Your Going For IFATC! Have You Tried This Yet? Each member of the Infinite Flight Expert Server ATC team, IFATC, remembers their ATC test to pass as they conclude their journey to join!

The Perfect ATC Test

For Other Help you can use YouTube! Hope You Do Well And I wish You The Very Best!

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I have indeed watched it and I found it to be very informative! Thank you!

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No Problem Glad I could Help!!

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Hey, I made a topic some time ago, and I think this should help a bit. Feel free to ceck it out!

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Adding on from what is mentioned above, I strongly recommend taking a look at this topic and apply for IFATC if you believe you’re ready:

Some person tips from me:

  • Always think through your commands before you send them. Take a deep breath and think “does this command make sense” for each aircraft. That way you will never send unnecessary commands to a pilot if they aren’t needed.

  • If you can provide a request to a pilot, allow it because after all IFATC and ATC in general, are a service to the pilot. If you can provide a runway that a pilot requested whether it is in the ATIS or not, you should allow it if it doesn’t impede the traffic flow.

Hope to see you apart of the IFATC Controlling Team soon!


Thank you!

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I think the best tip I can give that wasn’t already mentioned is kind of in 2 parts:

  1. Schedule trainings, as many as you need. There is no shame in taking a little while to get into IFATC. Trainings are super helpful and teach you a lot.

  2. Don’t get discouraged! Assuming you do choose to have trainings, there will probably be a rough day. Don’t worry about it. Everyone has them and it is not bad. Just keep going with what you know and always be open to learning more.

I think that is the best way to get into IFATC and be the best controller you can be. The training program is organized very well so you should take advantage of this. You do have to already be in contact with your recruiter and (might be wrong about this one) but have already passed your written to schedule them. Best of luck on your journey and I hope to control with you soon!


Study hard and enjoy it! ; )

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