I've asked a similar question before but the format is a little different

what do the small altitude values mean? for ex) above “ELKAP 3D” it says FL190 under a leg, but there’s no altitude at the waypoints

progably altitude of the ground? idk


the highest point of the ground in the flight plan. but honeslty, i have no clue. maybe ask an expert?

That altitude, I believe is what you would do that segment at. You can see that it’s a loop. Also known as a hold. You would do the hold at FL190.

Yep I am so wrong haha

It’s a recommended minimum altitude. You don’t have to follow it, you can go lower or higher

@Sashaz55 OP was talking about the leg, not the hold

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MHA= Minimum Holding Altitude.

If you look near these values (FL290 & 6000) you’ll see holds near them. This is the minimum altitude to be flown for this segment/hold. 😉


He’s refering to the FL190 under the arrow from ELKAP to BIBEK

that is a MEA (minimum en route altitude) so you can fly at that or above that altitude

*enroute but yes you are correct

edit: just saw you edit. All good. 😁

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That is the MEA - the minimum enroute altitude. It guarantees you obstacle clearance and radar coverage. If you fly below that, you’re not assured of either.

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