Iucaviness's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A - Practical Passed

Hey everyone! This is my new ATC tracking thread. Please feel free to drop feedback down below.

Current Status:
Location: N/A

Frequencies: N/A

Status: CLOSED


Hi when will u be open… I will be happy to give u feedback.

Awesome, just getting set give me a few minutes

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What server is this gonna be on?

Training prob

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It’ll be on training server. All tracking threads occur on this server.

Anyways, I’ll come by in a few when your open. Feedback will follow. :)

Great! Just reply when you’re starting!

I will try to make it today… if not tomorrow

I’ll be flying! :D

Open at KMRY, Tower & Ground

Alrighty thanks for the service!


-I’m not sure why you told me to taxi to 28L when 28R was more convenient. If there’s no operational disadvantage send the aircraft to the nearest suitable runway

-Not quite sure why you handled me to tower when I requested to cross and was issued a hold short before getting handed to tower.

-No need to issue me a 180 when I was holding short. I never got to do my full length takeoff since you didn’t clear me to cross

-You cleared me to takeoff on the wrong runway I was on

-You cleared me for takeoff without knowing my intentions. I never requested for takeoff remaining in the pattern because I had to request to cross and you didn’t grant that so I was waiting on my cross instruction but you cleared me for takeoff

-I wanted to remain in the pattern and since I wasn’t able to say my intentions to remain in the pattern you don’t have the option to give me left or right traffic on takeoff clearance which is needed for an aircraft wanting to remain in the pattern.

-During my takeoff roll you told me to exit. Do not tell an aircraft taking off to exit the runway

Thanks for having me!

Sorry about that and thanks so much for the feedback! It really helps a lot. I’ve got to work on my pattern work and planning runway use ahead of time. Hope you come by again some time!

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  • On Ground, I requested frequency change as a test. Instead of telling me to switch to tower you should’ve told me that I was already cleared to change frequency as it is mentioned in the taxi clearance
  • The first time i was doing the pattern I didn’t get a clearance for the option as well which traffic pattern I was to use after the option.
  • In the first pattern you were managing me a little too much, turn base is fine but the speed was unnecessary

That’s basically it! I was Test Flight 578

Ooof! Very rough ATC (that means better than typical training server ATC). I was N32IV6, the TBM-930.

  • First things first, TBMs cannot be pushed back, so you have to rather issue a taxi to whatever runway. Look (1) whether the aircraft itself can be pushed back and (2) whether it is on a remote stand or on a jetway (when it’s the former, taxi; latter, pushback).

  • The other TBM can take off at that length, so you could also have them taxi at 28R.

  • The A321 asked for a freq change, but gave him a handoff. It already said to contact tower upon departure, so you should have said the duplicate freq change command.

  • There have been many instances where you should have gave a pattern entry instruction but didn’t. EG: The American flight should have been given one when they asked for the inbound. Also, when I asked for a rwy change, you did not give a pattern entry inst. We have no idea on how to enter a runway; that’s the ATC’s job.

  • After the t/g on rwy 28R, I got the clearance for the option waaaaay too late to the point where I had to call inbound. You must issue them at late xwind/early downwind.

  • When landing, you did not give me an exit rwy command. You have to give one!

Phew, that’s all I could think of. Thank you :)

Thanks! For the frequency change test, I knew that option was somewhere but I couldn’t find it haha. I guess I thought, better soon and unnecessary than late and right. Also, the feedback about management helps a lot, if I call your base, I don’t need to slow you down.

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Thanks so much, it really helps. I never knew you had to call the exit, that’s important. Yeah, I’m pretty rough on patterns so the more practice the better. And you’re totally right about me telling you how to enter the runway, I’ll think that one over and keep practicing. Have a good evening! (or day lol)

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I’m currently open at VHHH!

Tower & Ground @ EGLC right now

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I’m coming

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The first go around was bc your gear was up. The 2nd was bc of the plane who didn’t follow instructions and was on the runway. Sry about that.

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