@ItzEhs ATC Tracking Thread (CLOSED)

Hi IFC! This is my ATC Tracking thread. Let me know if you are attending at my sessions :)

Status: (Open)

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I can feel the TS pain. Some feedback for you

  1. Be proactive, not reactive. You see a plane on the runway with 0 instructions given to enter. Tell the plane on short final to go around right when you see it. Before the warn
  2. Switching me to 08 and saying attention all aircraft, runway change in progress could help you
  3. Would really appreciate a 26 backtaxi because I almost didn’t make it
  4. If you didn’t switch my runway you don’t have to clear me direction
  5. Unless the pilot states his intention is to land, clear them for the option

Some more practice and you’ll get there

Austrian 689

I was planning on using rwy 26 but everyone taxied to rwy 08

@ItzEhs good controlling but I didnt get landing clearance when I was landing and also as Matthew_Chan mentioned, a back taxi of the runway would be nice!

What was your callsign?

Mine was “N27QY” Hdaiw

Sorry about that. I think a gave you a clearance

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If you want to open up later this evening (EST) I’ll swing by. Tag me when you’re open

I will maybe open up tommorow

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KSAN is now open for 1hr

I’d love to stop by but unfortunately I’m in the middle of a flight.

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KSAN is now closed…

Thanks for the service. I came for some patterns as Brickyard 6032. Just a couple tips:

  • you probably could’ve squeezed me in before OVG Heavy, but you weren’t wrong since it was a judgment call. Aircraft that are touch and go spend less time on the runway than full stops, so that should’ve influenced your decision as to how to sequence
    -calling my base was ok and it worked out, but it’s just easier to sequence. Let me know I’m #2, traffic to follow is on final, clear me, then you don’t have to worry about me til I’m back in the air after the T&G.
    -You don’t have to wait to sequence and clear traffic in the pattern. The sooner the better.
    Keep up the good work!
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EGKK TWR/GRD is now open for 1hr

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KSLC TWR and GRD is now open for 1 hr

I would be able to come down in about an hour, would you be able to do it then?

Sadly i am not avaible in 1 hour :(

That’s a shame… =(

Do you have any specific runways that you want us to land/depart from?

Patterns: 16R and 17
Normal departure: 16L an 16R

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