Itunes endless loop

Ridiculous endless loop when I try to sign in to IF pro. IF says I have no account, then I click add subscription and it says I’m already subscribed and it expires 6/15. And on and on it goes… WTF? This is nuts.

Try these steps out!!

  1. Log out and then Log back into IF

  2. Close IF and reopen it

  3. Close all background apps and restart your device

  4. This one seems to clear up a lot of problems so here it is unistall IF and then reinstall it

Try theses and let us know if one worked!

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Welcome to the community.

What may fix this is when you are logging in rather than tapping the ‘add subcription’ button. Press the ‘I already have a subscription’.

That may fix it.

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Try the following:

• Close Infinite Flight and make sure it isn’t running in the background
• Go into your iTunes account on your device. Sign out and sign back into iTunes.
• Relaunch Infinite Flight and try again.

It may ask you if you have a subscription just click on it and follow the prompts

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