Itunes acct or email?

If I was to purchase the Pro subscription, does it link with my apple ID or my email that I sign into the app with? Wanting to know if it will work on another device with a different apple ID.

I think it is the E-Mail (or Facebook) I believe one of my friends transferred from I-Tunes to Android…


It would link with the email or Facebook account you sign into IF with

So you do not need to be on the same iTunes account

Hope this helped!


As long as you sign in on the Pro account that you will be buying the subscription for, then you should still be able to access Global on that account. Weather or not it is the same Apple ID. (Just to make sure, do you have Infinite Flight on you other device?)

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Yep, have Infinite Flight on the other device. Thanks for clarifying :P

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No problem! Happy Landings!

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