Itsukki1’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ KSAN

Hello everyone, I’ve opened this thread seeking guidance on becoming an IFATC. I’m eager to learn and refine my skills in air traffic control within the Infinite Flight simulator community. Currently, I’m stationed at KSAN and warmly welcome fellow enthusiasts to join me for practice sessions and collaborative learning opportunities. Looking forward to connecting with like-minded individuals who share a passion for aviation and virtual air traffic control!

Server: Training
Status: CLOSED
Airport: KSAN

im coming bla bla

Feedback from Just Us 4S:

  • First, I asked you for an Transition and you gave it as ‘3,500 or above’ this is wrong because:

Pattern works are from airport elevetion (1,000 feet for prop aircrafts and 1,500 feet for jet aircrafts).

If someone requests Transition, you must apply a separation of at least 1,000 feet from the remaining aircraft in the pattern.

What is true is **Transition ** (18+1.500+1.000=2.518) In this case, it should have been the most accurate to be ‘2,500 or above’.

  • In my first inbound, you didn’t give me the command ‘After the option make … traffic’ and you should have given it.

Apart from these, I have nothing to say, “Exit Runway” is a little late, but it was good. Have a nice day.

ping me when you’re open.

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‘3,500 or above’ is not wrong. Transition can be approved at any altitude within tower’s airspace and if there’re aircrafts in the pattern then there’s a minimum altitude for the approval.

In the case transition can be approved between 2500 and 5000.

IFATCs, correct me if I’m wrong

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Yes, you are right, but I can also pass that airspace at an altitude of 2,700 feet, so the right answer should be at or above 2,500 feet

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@fex @Syjalo
you both are correct. All local controllers use this method to calculate the minimum and suitable altitude for transition.

(Airport elevation + 2500 feet = rounding the result to the nearest 500 upwards)

For example, the elevation of an airport (744) + 2500 feet = 3244 feet.
After rounding the result to the nearest 500 upwards = 3500 (Now you have an altitude higher than required to let aircraft to pass over traffic in pattern without conflict ;)


Is it still open?

Currently not open… After my flight I will surely be open, I can pin you once open.

OPEN again at a different airport!!! @IF-Mallorca @fex

Thank you to all who came!! sorry for some unexpected wait times I kinda got a little caught up with things while being ATC.

Hey Itsukki, thanks for the service at MDSD, here’s a little feedback.

Make sure you sequence(when appropriate) and then clear an aircraft to land/option.
The second approach I was on final and was awaiting a clearance but it never came. Normally I had to go around but I didn’t. Sorry for that😉

Ping me when you open next time and I’ll try to attend when available.

Stef (oo-lxv)

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Hey @Itsukki1, thank you for having us. Here is my feedback:

Your ground control was perfect, even your sequencing on ground was good.

The only thing you need to work on is clearance, when i took off you didn’t clear me to land or clear me for the option. Even after the 1st and 2nd touch and go, i didnt get clearance, i assume you figured it out on the last landing and gave me clearance.

Ping me too if you need to practice
Good luck!

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Hey! I’m sorry I wasn’t able to attend, it was too late. Ping me when you open again!

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Ping me when you’re open.

Please check your private messages please, thank you!

OPEN for 45 minutes!! @IF-Mallorca @VortexVolt @Mohamed2030 @Stef_Smet

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i’ll dump fuel and come back, couldnt practice ILS because of heavy weight!

I didn’t see so sorry! Tag me with time enough before openiing so I can keep it in mind next time :)

Yes sorry!!

Amazing job! Here’s some feedback:

  • Great job when I requested to turn on left base and you told me to extend my downwind! Great call to maintain seperation.

  • You did a good job ensuring that all of us were aware of the other pilots.

  • Next time, try to be on the safe side with seperation. I was held up pretty close with other aircraft!

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Thank you and sorry about that separation issue I didn’t think he would be next to the ILS.

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