ItsBlitz's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

I told him to make right pattern so i thought he turn right. I dont think there is anything i can say on TS.

I have my practical in 10 minutes :)

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Good luck!

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I unfortunately did not pass and i will be retaking my test on the 14th of July.

I’m currently Open!

Airport - KLGB | Long Beach Airport
ATC Service - Tower and Ground

Departing Runways - 26R 26L 30
Landing Runways - 26L 26R 30


Feel free to fly around and help me train, Thank You!

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I’ll will join soon, sorry to hear that.

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Alaska 223 do be comin in without permission and sliding down the runway

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Sorry about that, i had trouble with my connection there.

but anyways, i was tryibg ti send “You were already cleared to change frequency”

Sorry to hear that, you for sure will pass next time, make sure to contact a trainer!

I will stop by for a few 🙂

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I’ll stop by

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My game crashed, relogging in

Got it, thanks!

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Ahhh. Sorry to hear that… you were doing really well in the sessions I attended… I thought u would pass… well it’s okay… you will pass for sure next time! How long will u be open? Im planning to come

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I will be open for a while. Im having connection issues now. Everyone please stand by. Ill reopen in 10 minutes

Anyways, i made 2 errors on the practical. One was for clearing for the wrong runway and one was fore late exit instructions

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Alright, i got it to work. Im back online
@MJP_27 @Populeux_Music @Stellar_G @Vignesh_S @ykaviation

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Sorry something came between😕

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your fine, would you like me to tag you when im open again?


  • 3000 transition was fine (although 2500 would have worked as well)
  • when i called inbound after the transition, I did not specify “touch and go” … I just said inbound for landing… so you should have said “cleared to land” instead of cleared for the option…
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No problems from me! Great job!

Hey @Kamryn!, As you know I was Stellar Heavy.

  1. I have to say the transition was perfect, but something to note was when I requested touch & go runway 30; immediately, you gave a pattern instruction, you should have first told me to “descend to pattern altitude”, as I was going to be entering the pattern.

  2. One other thing you mentioned was that you gave the “Exit runway” command too late on your test; When I went you gave it to me a little late too (I’m just being picky)

I enjoyed doing pattern work with you! I’m confident that you will pass next time!

Feel free to tag me when you next open!