ItsBlitz's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Sorry to hear that, you for sure will pass next time, make sure to contact a trainer!

I will stop by for a few 🙂

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I’ll stop by

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My game crashed, relogging in

Got it, thanks!

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Ahhh. Sorry to hear that… you were doing really well in the sessions I attended… I thought u would pass… well it’s okay… you will pass for sure next time! How long will u be open? Im planning to come

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I will be open for a while. Im having connection issues now. Everyone please stand by. Ill reopen in 10 minutes

Anyways, i made 2 errors on the practical. One was for clearing for the wrong runway and one was fore late exit instructions

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Alright, i got it to work. Im back online
@MJP_27 @Populeux_Music @Stellar_G @Vignesh_S @ykaviation

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Sorry something came between😕

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your fine, would you like me to tag you when im open again?


  • 3000 transition was fine (although 2500 would have worked as well)
  • when i called inbound after the transition, I did not specify “touch and go” … I just said inbound for landing… so you should have said “cleared to land” instead of cleared for the option…
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No problems from me! Great job!

Hey @Kamryn!, As you know I was Stellar Heavy.

  1. I have to say the transition was perfect, but something to note was when I requested touch & go runway 30; immediately, you gave a pattern instruction, you should have first told me to “descend to pattern altitude”, as I was going to be entering the pattern.

  2. One other thing you mentioned was that you gave the “Exit runway” command too late on your test; When I went you gave it to me a little late too (I’m just being picky)

I enjoyed doing pattern work with you! I’m confident that you will pass next time!

Feel free to tag me when you next open!


I had not known that! Thank you! Ill use this next tome :)

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Sorry for my unsolicited feedback but this isnt correct :
you should have first told me to “descend to pattern altitude”, as I was going to be entering the pattern.
If you are in a transition you are already on the traffic pattern, so descend to pattern altitude isnt needed.
Regards :)

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Sorry, Your right. I didn’t think about it enough.



Hello Everyone! I’m happy to say that i am officially an IFATC apprentice!

I appreciate everyone for coming by and helping!.

A special thanks to @Vignesh_S for stopping by on majority of my sessions! Even being the one to test me on my practical into becoming an IFATC member!

You can catch me on my second session on Saturday and Sunday at KHND :)


Thank you and Congrats! Great job on your test!

Congrats! You worked hard and very much deserved the pass!

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